Visa américain USA

Travel to the United States of America

Travel to the United States of America requires to be aware of the last requirements. You should contact U.S. Embassy to have an updated situation information. Regulations relating to the foreigners travellers to the U.S. are frequently changing in a short delay. 

The United States Embassy

The U.S. Embassy mission is responsible of the relations between the United States and the Netherlands. They work actively to promote the cooperation on different international purposes enhance U.S.

U.S. Embassy in present in every countries in the EU as a strong international partner for economics goals.

The American Embassy in The Hague doesn’t have any Consular Section. There is a U.S. Consulate in Amsterdam which provides services for U.S. population in Nederlands.

U.S. Embassy in the Netherlands

John Adams Park 1, 2244 BZ Wassenaar. Phone: +31 70 310-2209

COVID-19 : Updated Information about travel to the US

The US Administration has announced a new international air travel policy in november 2021 relating to public health. The foreigner travelers to the US would be authorized to entrance the country if they are fully vaccinated and with a proof of vaccination status prior to boarding an airplane to fly to the US. All the Fully vaccinated air travelers will still need to have documentation about a recent negative viral test before boarding.